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Free US ground shipping on orders $49+

John Deere AXE16948 - Light Bulb for HPX and XUV Gators

SKU AXE16948
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Whether you get started early in the morning or are working until dusk, having properly operating light bulbs help you do the job right, efficiently, and safely.


Height 2.58 in
Length 2.66 in
Width 1.09 in
Weight 0.06 lb
Type Bulbs


Part number AXE16948 is compatibile with: 606C 606C PERFORMANCE UPGRADES 608C 608C PERFORMANCE UPGRADES 612C 612C PERFORMANCE UPGRADES 616C 616C PERFORMANCE UPGRADES 618C 618C PERFORMANCE UPGRADES 620I 622X 625I 625X 630X 635FD 635FD PERFORMANCE UPGRADES 635X 640FD 640FD PERFORMANCE UPGRADES 640X 706C 706C PERFORMANCE UPGRADES 708C 708C PERFORMANCE UPGRADES 712C 712C PERFORMANCE UPGRADES 716C 716C PERFORMANCE UPGRADES 718C 718C PERFORMANCE UPGRADES 722PF 725PF 730PF 735PF 740PF 1025R 1026R 1470 1570 1575 1585 2025R 2026R 2032R 2036R 2038R 2320 2520 2720 3028EN 3033R 3036EN 3038R 3039R 3045R 3046R 3320 3520 3720 4044M 4044R 4049M 4049R 4052M 4052R 4066M 4066R 4320 4520 4720 4940 5305 6103 9470 STS 9570 STS 9670 STS 9770 STS 9870 STS A2 HPX 4X2 HPX 4X2 D HPX 4X4 HPX 4X4 D HPX 4X4 TRAIL L330 L331 L340 L341 M-GATOR A3 S430 S440 S540 S550 S560 S650 S660 S670 S670H S680 S680H S685 S685H S690 S690H S760 S770 S780 S785 S790 STRAIGHT BLADE T550 T560 T660 T670 W330 W540 W550 W650 W660 XUV 550 XUV 550 S4 XUV560 XUV560 S4 XUV560E XUV560E S4 XUV590E XUV590E S4 XUV590I XUV590I S4 XUV835E XUV835M XUV865E XUV865M


Part number AXE16948 replaces:
  • AH166909


WARNING - California Proposition 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.