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Free US ground shipping on orders $49+

John Deere AM106627 - Idler, Welded & Riveted with Bearing

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The John Deere idler replacement parts give you long lasting performance for even your toughest tasks.

Effective Diameter - 5in

Groove Width - 0.748in

Pully Width - 0.9449in

Bore Size - 0.6693in

Material - Steel


Height 8.5 in
Length 9.5 in
Width 1.08 in
Weight 1.26 lb
Type Spindles, Pulleys & Springs


Part number AM106627 is compatibile with: -116 -116H -1338GS -1538HS -1546GS -1638HS -1646H -1646HS -18 -180 -1842GV -1842HV -1846HMS -1846HV -1848HV -185 -1948GV -1948HV -1946HV -2048HV -2148HV -2210 -2254HV -260 -265 -2V78C -31P707 -31P777 -325 -335 -345 -355D -4010 -40H777 -4110 -4115 -4210 -4310 -44 -4410 -445577 -44L777 -44Q97 -44Q977 -4510 -4610 -4710 -76 -F510 -F525 -F710 -F725 -F735 -FC540V -FD501V -FD590V -FD611V -FH531V -FH580V -FH601V -FH661V -FH721V -FS651V -G100 -GT242 -GT262 -GT275 -GX255 -GX325 -GX335 -GX345 -GX355 -LT133 -LT150 -LT155 -LT160 -LT166 -LT180 -LT190 -LX172 -LX173 -LX176 -LX178 -LX186 -LX188 -LX280 -LX289 -S2046 -S2048 -S2348 -S2546 -S2554 -SSt18 -STX38 -STX46 -SV715 -X300 -X320 -X324 -X340 -X360 -X465 -X475 -X485 -X495 -X500 -X520 -X530 -X534 -X540 -X575 -X585 -X590 -X595 -X700 -X720 -X724 -X728 -X729 -X740 -X744 -X748 -X749 -Z225 -Z245 -Z425 -Z445 -Z465 -Z501A -Z520A -Z625 -Z645 -Z655 -Z665 -Z710A -Z720A



WARNING - California Proposition 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.