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Free US ground shipping on orders $49+ | 15% off Mower Service Kits, Belts & Blades

John Deere DZ115392 - Fuel Filter

SKU DZ115392
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When it comes to your fuel, water is public enemy number one. Let John Deere Fuel Filters serve and protect. Not only have our fuel filters been developed to trap water, they have been tested and proven to repel it. That’s because John Deere Fuel Filters are designed with a coated media that keeps water out, preventing rust and microbial growth that could damage your fuel and lead to poor fuel economy.


Weight 0.96 lb
Type Fuel Filters


Part number DZ115392 is compatibile with: 6E-1404L 6E-1404PL 6E-1504L 6E-1504PL 6M-1654 6M-1854 6M-2104 6R 110 6R 120 6R 130 6R 145 6R 155 6R 165 6R 175 6R 185 6R 195 6R 215 6R 230 6R 250 6R 2304 7R 210 7R 230 7R 250 7R 270 210 P 210G 250 P 300 P 337E 408R 437E 524 P 524K 524K-II 524L 544 G 544 P 544K 544K-II 544L 624 P 644 P 644 X 644L 644LH 700K 700L 700L PL 750L 1070G 1110G 1170G 1210G 1510G 2154G 2156G 6068CG550 6068CI550 6068CP550 6068HB551 6068HC550 6068HFC08 6068HFC09 6068HFG05 6068HFG06 6068HFG08 6068HFG09 6068HG550 6068HI550 6068HN075 6068HP550 6090HFC09 6145R 6155M 6155MH 6155R 6155RH 6175M 6175R 6195M 6195R 6215R 6230R 6250R 7210R 7230R 7250R 7270R C2 400 C230 C440 E130 E140 E210-II E230-II E240 E260 E300 R230 R4030 R4140i R4150i SPRAYER PERFORMANCE UPGRADES T550 W200M W230 W235 W235M W235R W260 W260R W540 W550 W650


Part number DZ115392 replaces:
  • RE560681


WARNING - California Proposition 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.