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Free US ground shipping on orders $49+

John Deere AD2062R - 27W Bulb, Headlight or Rear Work Light/Taillights for Mowers and Compact Utility Tractors

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27 watt halogen bulb.  For replacement of headlights on Riding Lawn Equipment or replacement of rear work light or taillights on Compact and Utility Tractors. Properly working lights give you high visibility for safety.  


Height 3.55 in
Length 6.74 in
Width 1.39 in
Weight 0.22 lb
Type Bulbs


Part number AD2062R is compatibile with: -102 -105 -115 -125 -135 -145 -155C -190C -240 -245 -260 -265 -285 -318 -320 -325 -330 -332 -335 -345 -355D -415 -420 -425 -430 -445 -455 -D100 -D105 -D110 -D120 -D125 -D130 -D140 -D150 -D155 -D160 -D170 -E100 -E110 -E120 -E130 -E140 -E150 -E160 -E170 -E180 -G100 -G110 -CS -CX -GT225 -GT235 -GT245 -GX255 -GX325 -GX345 -GX355 -L100 -L105 -L107 -L108 -L110 -L111 -L118 -L120 -L130 -LA100 -LA105 -LA110 -LA115 -LA120 -LA125 -LA130 -LA135 -LA140 -LA145 -LA150 -LA155 -LA165 -LA175 -LT133 -LT150 -LT155 -LT166 -LT170 -LT180 -LT190 -LTR155 -LTR166 -LTR180 -LX255 -LX266 -LX277 -LX279 -LX280 -LX288 -LX289 -S240 -SST15 -SST16 -SST18 -X300 -X300R -X304 -X305R -X310 -X320 -X324 -X330 -X340 -X350 -X350R -X354 -X360 -X370 -X380 -X384 -X390 -X394 -X500 -X520 -X530 -X534 -X540 -X570 -X580 -X584 -X590


Part number AD2062R replaces:
  • AD2062
  • AM115179
  • AM35170
  • AR21737
  • AR77326
  • M800789
  • MG529068


WARNING - California Proposition 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.